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About the Council

The Irish Council for Bioethics is an independent, National body set up by the Government in 2002 to consider the ethical questions raised by recent developments in science and medicine.

The Council has two primary functions. The first is to provide independent advice to Government and policymakers, and the second is to promote public understanding and informed discussion of bioethical issues.

In 2008, the Irish Council for Bioethics became a company limited by guarantee not having share capital. The Council is funded by a grant from Ireland's National Policy and Advisory Board for Enterprise, Trade, Science, Technology and Innovation (Forfás).

Terms of Reference

1. To identify and interpret the ethical questions raised by biomedicine in order to respond to, and anticipate, questions of substantive concern. 

2. To investigate and report on such questions in the interests of promoting public understanding, informed discussion and education.

3. In light of the outcome of its work, to stimulate discussion through conferences, workshops, lectures, published reports and where appropriate suggest guidelines.

For more information about the operation of the Irish Council for Bioethics, click here.