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Education and Outreach

The Irish Council for Bioethics is committed to engaging the public in the discussion of bioethical issues. In addition to hosting public lectures and debates, the Council has actively been involved in teaching bioethics to students at all levels and interested organisations. The Council also regularly contributes to various media outlets.

If you would like the Council to address your organisation, or for media enquiries, please contact the secretariat...

Bioethics Teaching Project

The “Bioethics for Beginners” teaching programme was specifically targeted at transition year students and developed with multiple objectives in mind: to help students see the relevance of biology and its associated technologies in their lives; to help them recognise the moral and ethical issues associated with advances and developments in biological and medical research; to stimulate their sense of responsibility as members of society; and to encourage them to become more analytical through the use of case studies and discussion. On the basis of an initial pilot series, and the positive feedback received from students, the Council wishes to expand the bioethics teaching project nationwide.
For more information about the Bioethics for Beginners programme, please contact Paul Ivory.

Presentations and Lectures

Since its establishment in 2002, the Irish Council for Bioethics has been active in teaching bioethics to third level students at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The Council has also endeavoured to address stakeholders and other interested parties in relation to bioethical issues. For a complete list of Council presentations and lectures, view the Council's 2007-2008 annual report.

Communciations and Media

The Irish Council for Bioethics aims to promote awareness and understanding of issues of bioethical importance amongst academia, industry and the general public through various media. For a complete list of the Council's media outreach work, view the Council's 2007-2008 annual report.