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 cloning, genetic modification, animal researchgenetics, dna, stem cell research
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National Bioethics Committees

Australia Australia Australian National Health and Medical Research Committee
Austria Austria Austrian Commission on Bioethics
Belgium Belgium Belgian Advisory Committee on Bioethics
Bulgaria Bulgaria Bulgarian Professional Ethics Commission
contact: assendjerov'at' (replace 'at' by @)
Canada Canada Science and Technology Ethics Committee
National Council on Ethics in Human Research
Cyprus Cyprus Cyprus National Bioethics Committee
Czech Republic Czech Republic Bioethical Commission of the Research and Development Council
Denmark Danish Council of Ethics
Finland Finland National Advisory Board on Health Care Ethics
National Advisory Board on Research Ethics
National Advisory Board on Biotechnology
France France French National Consultative Ethics Committee on Health and Life Sciences
Germany Germany German Ethics Council
Greece Greece National Bioethics Commission
Hungary Hungary Hungarian National Ethics Committee
Iceland Iceland National Advisory Board on Research Ethics
India India Indian Council of Medical Research
Israel Israel Bioethics Advisory Committee
Italy Italy National Bioethics Committee
Lithuania Lithuania Lithuanian Bioethics Committee
Luxembourg Luxembourg National Committee for Research Ethics
Malta Malta Bioethics Consultative Committee
New Zealand New Zealand National Ethics Advisory Committee
Norway Norway National Committee for Research Ethics in Science and Technology
National Committee for Research Ethics in the Social Sciences and the Humanities
the Netherlands The Netherlands Health Council of the Netherlands
Poland Poland Commission of Bioethics at Wroclaw University
Portugal Portugal National Council of Ethics for the Life Sciences
Romania Romania National Ethics Council
Mednet - Romanian Medical Internet
Scotland Scotland Scottish Council on Human Bioethics
Singapore Singapore The Bioethics Advisory Committee Singapore
Slovakia Slovakia Central Ethics Committee of the Ministry of Health
Slovenia Slovenia National Medical Ethics Committee
Spain Advisory Committee on Ethics of Scientific and Technical Research
Sweden Sweden The Swedish National Council on Medical Ethics
Switzerland Switzerland Swiss National Advisory Commission on Biomedical Ethics
UK United Kingdom Nuffield Council on Bioethics
Human Genetics Commission
USA United States of America The Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues