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Public Attitudes Towards Bioethics

In August 2005, the Irish Council for Bioethics undertook a nationwide survey to determine the level of understanding, awareness and interest in bioethics amongst the general public. TNS MRBI was commissioned to conduct the survey entitled “Public Attitudes Towards Bioethics”. A number of bioethical issues were assessed in detail including: organ donation, stem cell research, patenting, IVF, Forensic DNA databases and end of life issues.

View the research report Public Attitudes Towards Bioethics: Irish Council for Bioethics Research September 2005.

The survey, comprised of face-to-face questionnaire-based interviews with 500 adults, provides a valuable insight into the opinions and concerns of a cross-section of Irish society. The results of the survey are published in an unedited form, without any comment or analysis from the Council.