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 cloning, genetic modification, animal researchgenetics, dna, stem cell research
forensic, dna, criminal databasesmedical ethics, clinical trials, human biological research

Website Accessibility

Text Font and Colour, and Website Colour Scheme

From the Tools menu on the toolbar of your web browser, select Internet Options...
Press on the Accessibility... button located in the bottom right-hand corner, and check the following boxes in the window which appears:

Ignore colors specified on Web pages
Ignore font styles specified on Web pages
Ignore font sizes specified on Web pages

Click ‘OK’.
Now you can select the button(s) Fonts... and/or Colors..., and change font style and colour, and/or the website colour scheme.

PDF Accessibility

All Council publications can be downloaded in PDF format via their respective links.
To view PDF documents, download Adobe’s free application Acrobat Reader here...
If you have audio speakers on your computer, Adobe Reader can read out loud the text of a document. From the View menu on Adobe Reader's toolbar, select Read Out Loud. Further information about making PDF documents more accessible is provided on Adobe's website...

Keyboard Navigation

The website can be navigated without a mouse. The Arrow keys scroll up and down the pages. The Tab key can be used to move between links, and the Return or Enter keys to select them. To return to a previous page, use the Backspace key.